Before you ask, yes, this is the best job in the world!

After having four babies of my own and never having that "Im done" feeling, this is the perfect way to satisfy my baby snuggles cravings.

My studio was designed with newborns and their families in mind.

A big, warm space with a comfy couch for Mum and Dad to relax on while I create beautiful baby photography art, totally designed to bring a tear to your eye.

I have a variety of lush, soft blankets, gorgeous knitted outfits ( many of them knitted by me ...), wraps, tiebacks and all sorts of cuteness.

The perfect time to photography newborns is between 4-12 days old, this ensures they are still very sleepy and will pose comfortably.

It is best to contact me as soon as you have your due date confirmed to reserve your booking, then once your baby arrives we can schedule your appointment.

If you're due soon or your baby has arrived, contact me asap and I will always do my best to book you in.

My 'Newborn Session Fee' is $150 which is paid at the time of booking.

My digital image collections start at $280 and my print collections that include digital images start at $500.

Your Baby’s Health and Safety are my most top priority. Whether you book with me or another photographer, please click here to find out the

“6 Health and Safety Questions to ask your Newborn Photographer”


Some answers to some questions.


What is the photography session fee?

The photography session fee is paid prior to your appointment time with me to complete the booking process. It covers my time, talent and creative skill so I can provide you with timeless portraits of your newborn and family. The session fee is not refundable; however, it is transferable. I understand that things can happen in those first few weeks such as having to go back in to hospital or becoming unwell. Provided you let me know as soon as there is a possibility of not being able to make you appointment, I will happily reschedule.

Can I add “A la carte’’ items to my Collection?
Absolutely, anything extra you add to your Collection, that individual item is discounted by 20%.

How long does my order take?

About two weeks for me to edit your images and have them ready to put onto USB. If you have ordered print products, they will be ordered once your gallery is completed and payment is received in full. I order from a professional lab in Queensland so with their turnaround time and postage to me, usually 2- 3 weeks from ordering date. I do let all of my clients know as soon as there is any delay in either the editing process or ordering process.

If If we are selecting our images via the online gallery, how long does the gallery stay open for?

The selection gallery will stay open for 10 days. If you require more time and you let me know before the gallery closes I can extend the opening time for you. If the galley closes after 10 days, there will be an additional fee of $55 to re-open it.

What is the best way to prepare my baby for the photography session?

Being a mum of four myself, I can truly understand how difficult it can be just to get out the door with a newborn. I like to keep this nice and simple. if you could dress your baby in a onesie or a wondersuit that would be great, this way if your baby arrives at my studio asleep we can undress baby easily and start photographing.

Will I be able to feed my baby throughout the session?
Absolutely! Fed is best. I have a comfortable couch for my families to sit and if at any point your baby needs to be fed, that is exactly what happens. There may also be times where your baby will need a couple of “top up” feeds to help your baby settle. If your baby requires a bottle, it can be a great idea to bring a full feed bottle and two half size bottles ready to go.

Can I bring along a dummy?

Yes, if your baby takes a dummy please feel free to bring it (and a sterilised spare) along with you. They are a very handy object throughout a newborn session.

Do you edit the photographs you take?

Yes. Each photograph you select I will edit by hand individually. My goal is to provide you with beautiful imagery and something that simply only a professional can provide you with.

Do you have any photographic qualifications?

One of my greatest achievements for me personally was completing my Diploma of Photoimaging just after my fourth son was born.

What will the USB contain?

If you purchased a USB will contain all of the high resolution digital files that you have purchase. It is personalised with an image from your session so it does become a beautiful keepsake. No image you receive will have any watermarks or logo’s.

What is the best way to store my digital files?
 There is no one way to safely store your digital images. All hard-drives and USB’s can corrupt and lose files, even the 'best' or most expensive ones. The best way is to have your images stored in multiple places. This means, storing on your main computer, a backup hard-drive, in the 'Cloud' and a hard-drive at a location off site (perhaps at the grandparents house).


Every birth is a once in a lifetime event and should be celebrated... I cannot wait to hear from you.

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