Love simplifies life to its bear necessities. Love and life may look different from person to person, but each should be treasured equally.  It's not always gooey romance and flowers, because love is so much greater. When I think back on my wedding day, I could not have imagined just how much our love and commitment to each other has grown, strengthened and now encompasses our little tribe. I treasure each memory that I have and each memory that I capture because I am so diligently aware of how each one adds to the story of our lives. I have six of just some of my favourite stories below that I would love for you to explore.



Here are some of my wedding blogs...

Poppy and Graeme

Collingwood Childrens Farm, Abbortsford

Jess and Joey

Sandbar Beach Cafe, Middle Park

Erin and


Melbourne Botanical Gardens, Melbourne

Dont be afraid. There’s the two of us now.
— Diana Gabaldon

Mel andSam

Sorrento Back Beach

Natalie and Chris

Feathertop Winery, Porpunkah

Dom and Kane

Seawinds Garden, Arthurs Seat



Some answers to some questions you may have...

Ok, just what is this 'All Day Wedding Coverage'?

When the hustle and bustle of your day begins, that is when I arrive. You dont need to rush, or fit your celebration into the time you have your photographer booked for. I capture both of you getting ready right through until the end of the receptions formatilies and I am always there long enough to catch the dance floor action. Once I feel that I have your whole story, that is when I head on home.  This way, you and I have much more time for your day to unfold the way you want it to.

What else is included in the 'All Day Wedding Coverage'?

Included is all of the quality edited digital images that I have taken on the day provided to you on the most gorgeous personalised USB and beautiful presentation keepsake box. I also have an online gallery for you to be able to quickly share your day with all of the family and friends. You can send them the pin protected gallery email link, and they can download them straight to their computer. And because of the incredible age we live in, a smartphone app to show off you favourite images to anyone who wants to see them.

If you want to add album's, print's or canvas' to your quote at the time of booking in, I will discount the print products by 10%.

It would be great to be able to meet you before we decide? Can we make a time?

Certainly! It is actually something that I think is a necessity. Out of every vendor that you will book for your wedding day, the photographer is the person you will spend the majority of your day with. You have to be confident, not only in my photographic abilities, but that you are going to enjoy spending time with me. I am always happy to meet for a coffee (and a sneaky piece of cake...) or you can come to me at my studio located in Kilsyth. Please be confident that this is an obligation free meeting and there is no awkward moment where you have to decide right then and there to book with me or not. I encourage you to take the time after to leave to decide, and get back to me later with whichever direction you choose to go. This is your wedding day, and you have to be confident in the choices you make.

Do you support equal marriage rights?

With my whole heart, Yes! I support the LGBTIQ community and have made a committment to remove the gender labels from my wedding information and booking process. Love is Love, everyone is welcome here.

Can you help us plan out our wedding day?

I have come to learn that the photographer is the time keeper of your wedding day. I have one eye looking through the lens, the other looking down at my watch. Planning the timeline of your wedding day with me, will be the best investment of your time. I have a very solid understanding of how long we need at each stage of your day, to not only ensure that I can provide the imagery you expect from me, but to also ensure that you both enjoy every part of your wedding day. Getting the timeline right, will go a long way to a smooth running and enjoyable wedding day experience.

What makes the prints and albums you offer different from what we could get online?

I did put a lot of thought into this question when I was selecting where to purchase my print products from. You can go anywhere and have an album put together or buy prints and canvas, why purchase a high end product? I remember being a young girl and looking through photographs that belonged to my Nan. These were of relative's I didn't know, many had passed away a long time before. She would go to that special cupboard where all the albums and keepsakes lived, take one out and then would always remind me to be gentle and have clean hands when looking through them. These were precious. Each photograph had meaning. Each image deserved to be respected. This is how we pass on our family stories and how we learn to respect who we are and where we came from, by sharing these moments with each generation. The products I order can only be purchased by professional photographers, and they really are future treasures. They will be respected and shared by you to those you love. They will be around to pass on to the next generations many many years from now. You will keep it in that special place reserved for your precious keepsakes, or your canvas or print will hang proudly on your wall that everyone will see everytime they visit. I only offer what I know will last generations.

What are some key pieces of advice for an awesome day?

1. Get ready close to your wedding venue. If you eliminate unnecessary travel, you will have so much extra time to enjoy your day.
2. If you choose to wear a dress, make sure you can walk freely in it or have the designer add a bustle to pick up your wedding dress train. You will thank me for that advise.
3. If you have long hair and are getting married outside, an up style hair do is the way to go. Trust me, if the wind picks up even slightly, your hair style will fade fast.
4. Plan a party. Do all of your formalities and speeches while people are eating their mains, then have your first dance and get that party started! If people have to sit down after they start dancing, they dont get back up to dance much again.
5. Feel free to ignore me and plan that day of your dreams. This is your day as a couple to have the whole world stop to celebrate you.

Should we have an unplugged wedding ceremony?

In a nutshell, Yes! This is the digital age, anyone who wants a copy of your professional photos can ask you for them. I really am all for taking phone shots and selfies the entire day, I love my phone, and it contains some of the best memories of my life, but there is a time and a place for them. It is incredible how many wide shots of the wedding ceremony include several to dozens of hands in the air holding up phones and even giant iPads. I have even had people step in front of me, the paid professional, to get a shot with their phone. It has only ever enhanced a ceremony to have it unplugged.

Do we need to cater food for you at the reception?

Yes please. Usually there is very limited opportunity for me to eat thoughout the day, so I do ask that I be provided food and non-alcholic drink. The only time I don't photograph much on your day is when you and your guests are eating (there is never a flattering image of someone eating). The venue usually sets up an area for your band\DJ\videographer\photographer to eat and it can be useful to ask the venue to provide our meals when your meals arrive. That way, I can be back up and photographing when you're finished eating.

What is the process involved in booking you to photography our wedding?

Once you have decided to book with me, and I am available on your date, I will send you an email containing a link. When you select the link, you will be able to build your own quote. The only required option is the 'All Day Wedding Coverage' and you can add extra products or services (eg. engagement session, album, canvas, prints or second photographer). Any album or print products included in your initial booking quote will recieve a individual discount of 10%. Once you agree to the quote, you will be prompted to pay the non-refundable booking fee of $200 ( this will be removed from the total amound due). The final step is to electronically sign the wedding photography contract. Once the deposit has cleared, I will then counter-sign the contract and you will then be offically booked in for your wedding day.


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